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Based in Vancouver, Canada

Founded: 2013

Release Date

October 26, 2023


Meta Quest 2 / PlayStation VR2 / PICO 4 (Coming Soon)



Social Media
 Twitter / Instagram / YouTube / TikTok 



It’s been almost two centuries since Hari Seldon predicted the fall of the Galactic Empire and forged a Foundation to mitigate the chaos and destruction that would come.

You are an agent with the Commission of Public Safety, a shadowy organization that maintains order in the Galactic Empire.


What begins as a mission to investigate deserters in the Periphery quickly becomes a battle for control of all humanity. With your superior officer in your ear, and the esteemed governor’s daughter at your side, you must journey to Foundation.


The future is in your hands. In this immersive roleplaying adventure, you decide who will rise and what is lost to the fires of anarchy. 


Disguise, hack, and blast your way through Asimov's groundbreaking sci-fi universe using the most advanced tools the Galactic Empire has to offer.


Where will your journey lead you?


  • Experience Foundation - Explore Asimov’s sci-fi epic in a whole new interactive and immersive VR game

  • Your choices matter - In this roleplaying adventure, every choice carries a consequence and affects your story

  • Mentalics - Use mental science to uncover and influence the emotions of others

  • Dynamic conversations - Interact and connect with characters on an entirely new level thanks to an innovative conversation system

  • Expansive gameplay - Disguise, hack, and blast your way through the galaxy. It’s up to you to decide how to approach each situation, with tools at your disposal to forge your own path


About Archiact

Archiact is a premier virtual reality (VR) game studio headquartered in Vancouver, BC, with a satellite office in Toronto, ON and a presence spanning across Canada. As one of the largest independent VR developers, we are dedicated to pushing the limits of VR and creating immersive, impactful games with unforgettable characters and stories.


Alongside the recently announced Journey to Foundation, self-published by the studio, Archiact's portfolio includes the critically acclaimed DOOM 3: VR Edition, as well as original IPs such as Evasion and the award-winning FREEDIVER: Triton Down. With a team of over 100 talented people and a passion for innovation, Archiact is at the forefront of the VR gaming industry.

Brand Assets

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